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How I fixed SWTOR launcher not opening and “only a single instance of this application can run” error

by Jonathan on April 14, 2012

Recently I have been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic.  It is the first time I have ever tried an MMORPG.  I am a fan of most everything Star Wars, so, I had to try it out.  Sadly, after playing for a few weeks, I was greeted with this:

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Popping open task manager showed that, even though the launcher was not visible on the task bar or anywhere on my screen, the program was indeed running:


I ended the “launcher.exe” process and tried to open the launcher again.  Nothing seemed to happen.  So, I clicked on the launcher a third time.  This time, the same error, “Only a single instance of this application can run”. Next, I navigated to the folder containing launcher.exe to see if there were any clues there.  There is a second executable called “FixLauncher.exe”.  But, that only resulted in a new error:


Since it told me to restart my computer, I assumed this was due to the fact that launcher.exe was running in the background again.  I opened up task manager again, and indeed, launcher.exe was running.  I ended it and ran FixLauncher.exe again.  This time there were no errors but the installed exited without any sort of message.  Then, I tried launcher.exe again.  Still, nothing.  I opened up task manager and closed the launcher.exe process again. At this point, I decided to do some Googling.  I found a post on the SWTOR forum, but it didn’t help.  It basically suggested to do what I just described doing above.  Not much help.  But, then I found this answer on the Gaming Stack Exchange:  In the answer, Adanion suggests to delete the patch folder.  So, I deleted the patch folder:


Ran FixLauncher.exe again:


Drum Roll Please…


Success! After the launcher updated itself, it reopened ready to login.  After logging in, the launcher started downloading the latest game updates and all was right in the world again!


  1. Open task manager and look for “launcher.exe”.  If it is in the process list, kill it.  Be sure it actually dies before moving on.
  2. Open explorer and navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\BioWare\Star Wars – The Old Republic”.
  3. Delete the “patch” folder.
  4. Run “FixLauncher.exe”.
  5. Run “launcher.exe”.
  6. The launcher will update itself and then you should be able to login and play as normal.

37 thoughts on “How I fixed SWTOR launcher not opening and “only a single instance of this application can run” error

  1. Matt says:


    “Delete “Patch 1to63″ to step 3 turned this method from failure into success for me.

  2. Tomer Feiner says:

    Doesn’t work. Actually, it created the patch folder again every time I ran Launcher.exe.

  3. Sam says:

    Been trying to fix that problem for days until I found this. Thanks so much!

  4. Leonard says:

    Thank you, thank you so friggin’ much!

  5. John says:

    So I looked in the program file, and there was no “Patch” folder… Any ideas?

  6. Samuel says:

    Não funciona. Na verdade, ele criou a pasta patch novamente a cada vez que eu corri Launcher.exe.

  7. Danny says:

    After deleting patch folder and other patch folders found the launcher is now FINALLY working, thank you!!!!

  8. Benjuat says:

    This fix wouldn’t work for me while the servers were down for maintainance/updates, but it worked fine once they were back up. Anyone else notice this?

  9. Brian says:

    Dear fellows, I did what the instructions told me to do and nothing work…I deleted the Patch folder but whenever i launched the game, the patch folder came back!!! what can I do??!!

  10. bloc says:

    I deleted patch folders , ran fix launcher then when I ran launcher.exe after I can see the patch folders reappear. wtf

  11. Steven says:

    Thanks bro it finally worked after I did a patch search in the swtor file. Highlighted the everything that said patch and deleted them all.

  12. Andrew says:

    This took a few tries for it too work for me but it will work eventually ,this should never happen in the first place, Damn EA

  13. SAI says:

    I just got the game and i get this error. I followed your steps and still nothing. waste of my time. i’m fu*king deleting this game NO!!

  14. matt leese says:

    didn’t work for me. keeps doing the same thing. Any other help would be great?

  15. Gravidus says:

    If this doesn’t work for you it’s because you might have an additional Patch folder. For example, you might have a “Patch” folder and also a “Patch 1to63″ folder. Solution: Delete ALL the Patch folders in that step.

  16. Aidan says:

    thanks man worked

  17. syrfynwy says:

    Delete “patch” and “patch 1to63″ or whatever they are
    Run fix launcher
    Run launcher

    It should come up with a brief window for you to paste your password in and press enter before the red update at the top freezes the launcher.
    This allowed me to log in before the updater started to run meaning two launchers weren’t working at once = solved!

    • Stanstak says:

      when I delete those folders the file “fixlauncher” or whatever it is called is dissappearing too :S.
      What should I do?

  18. Swagfeld says:

    Dudes you have to delete both PATCH files

  19. Joe says:

    I have done all of what’s been said and it still doesn’t work.
    deleted both patch files, etc.
    reinstalled new installer, nothing works.

  20. Dave says:

    Tried this fix and it didn’t work for me unfortunately – glad to hear it worked for some people.

    I downloaded the fix from here:

    And followed the steps and managed to get it working.

    Good luck to those experiencing similar problems.

  21. Noah says:

    What if there is no “launcher.exe.” in my task manager? And how do I get to Explorer???

  22. Chris Portzline says:

    Thank you so much! I tried so many different methods to work, but yours was the only one that would work. But as swagfield above said, I had to delete the patcher files as well

  23. android apps says:

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  24. steve says:

    works great thanks for the info.

  25. Sophia says:

    o actually stop at step 2 and it got fixed XD funny right but your a life saver ty soooo much i wouldn’t have known to do this if it weren’t for you

  26. James says:

    Thank you so much i thought i would have to reinstall again and late like forever but glad i found this, Thanks Man.

  27. Jesse says:

    I have done everything here. mine just locks up

  28. Me says:

    When I go into the bioware folder it is empty, I just redownloaded the game in hopes that it would fix the problem, any help with this issue would be appreciated.

  29. Dave says:

    I cant find the Fixlauncher.exe file!

  30. Marty says:

    My computer won’t let me delete the patch folder please help.

  31. Tristan says:

    I don’t have fix launcher in my folder. What do I do?

  32. brandon says:

    i have no FixLauncher.exe file i have deleted the patch folder after killing the process and it still don’t come up please help

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